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Beautiful Ship - Paradise Luxury Cruise SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022) 6 Feb 2019SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022) 

Cruising on Halong Bay in this beautiful ship with lovely state rooms was definitely a highlight of our trip to Hanoi. The crew and service were first-rate and the food was delicious.

Peper from Denmark

Different experience in the waters with Athena Cruise SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022) 31/1/2019SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

We chose the 2 days stay plan and was upgraded to the captain's view rooms. Our stay was super comfortable and food was amazing.
I enjoyed the balance they had in the itinerary around activities and sightseeing. We availed spa-services, Kayaking and fishing. Food was really nice hats off to the chef for taking care of my vegetarian dietary requirements.

Tulikazoom from Gurugram SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)GurgaonSPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022), India

Great expereince with a friendly and wonderful cruise SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)22 Jan 2019SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

We had the two day one night cruise on Paradise Elegance. We enjoyed the hospitality from the crew and the nice program. The cruise manager was really helpful and considerate to us as we had a senior on board. The beautiful scene of Halong Bay and the lovely and comfortable ship really gave us a great trip. We will consider going back again for another cruise.

Wongshen from Hongkong

Perfect Cruise SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)8 Jan 2019SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

After arriving at Ha Long bay, we boarded our ship called Paradise Elegance. We had booked an Executive Balcony room on the second floor, a beautiful little room with a flair of past colonial days SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)wooden walls and parquet flooringSPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022). The bed was spacious considering it’s on a medium sized cruise boat. A bathroom SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)with shower and toiletSPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022) as well as an attached space for luggage storage were included.

After checking in, all guests were invited to follow safety instructions on the third level where the restaurant and bar are located. Mr. Lee SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)the boat managerSPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022) and his crew SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)all very professional and fluent in EnglishSPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022) walked us through the what and what nots before starting the the lunch buffet.

The food was good, a mix between eastern and western choices.

Excursions can be booked on spot SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)prawn farm or/and a cave visit as well as kayaking or/and beach visit/hikingSPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022).

Due to the lack of time we didn’t do any of them so we can’t comment on wether they are worth it.

We especially enjoyed the upper deck with amazing views over Ha Long and the possibility to have a cocktail or drinks while enjoying the mesmerizing environment.

Dinner was an a la carte menu, with a choice between eastern or western cuisine. The food was really good.

We have been very pleased with our stay at Paradise Elegance and would definitely recommend.

Ryoko from Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Relaxing, Value for money, Will definitely go again! SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)22 Dec 2018SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

Staffs are nice and very accomodating to your needs. Service is very good. Expect to be well pampered during your stay. Lots of activities to do such as hiking, cooking class, fine dining, night band, pearl farm and cave visits. Overall, a well scheduled line of events.

Marcon from Los Angeles

Great trip with Halong Violet cruise SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)20 Sep 2018SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

We did an overnight stay on Violet in Halong Bay. The whole trip was magical. The boat is beautiful. We stayed in the 'Moon' suite which was very spacious and had a lovely balcony. The food was very good. My husband is very fussy and doesn't eat any seafood so they made a real effort to ensure he had something he liked at mealtimes. We didn't get off the boat for the cave/fishing village trip. We preferred to lounge on the top deck and enjoy the scenery. In the morning we joined the Tai Chi at 7am. Though we did the excursion to the beach we wished we had stayed on the boat. The beach was quite busy and didn't really add to our overall enjoyment.

The staff are wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Being on a small boat was great. Everyone spoke with each other and it was very relaxing.

Clark from London

Memories are made of this 3 days trip SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)3-5 July 2018SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

A truely memorable trip around Halong Bay with Violet cruise. We had a lovely room at sea level with a little balcony at the bow by the captain. The weather was kind to us and we were lucky enough to share the boat with just 2 other couples. We were 3 different nationalities and a variety ages, this added to the fun of our 3 days on the Violet. The day side trips to the caves and river people were extremely worth while. Cameras and walking shoes are advisable as there is a 400 step mountain to climb and uneven stones when walking around the caves. On the last day canoes were provided and a beach swim after the mountain climb. The food was great and good variety. 

Anita from New Zealand

Absolutely Fabulous Trip with Violet Cruise SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)8 May 2018SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

My friend Barb and I recently did a one day cruise with Sami and his staff to Ha Long Bay on board the Art Deco themed Heritage Violet. Our suite ‘Cloud’ was gorgeous and we took full advantage of all the amenities and excursions available which included of course fabulous food, facials SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)or massagesSPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022), kayaking, Cave exploring, hiking to the top of Ti Top Island, swimming in the Sea, Tai Chi and a-bit of sleep in super comfortable beds. What a fabulous almost 24 hours!

Zoe from Vancouver, Canada

One night on the amazing cruise SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)29-30 April 2018SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

We had the pleasure of going on a one night cruise on this beautiful boat! We were upgraded to an Imperial suite as it was around the time of my husband’s birthday. First top tip is to let them know if your trip is around a special occasion! Our suite was simply exquisite. I just wish we could have enjoyed it for two weeks rather than one night! The food on board was absolutely amazing. Michelin star stuff. A few pictures included. If I had one tiny criticism it would be they try to pack too much in so you don’t have much time just to enjoy the amazing scenery! My second top tip would be to ask for breakfast on the top deck as you can then appreciate the views. Good luck and enjoy this amazing boat! We met lovely people too.

Janes from Livingston, United Kingdom

2 days 1 night on Halong Bay with Violet Cruise SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)from 18 to 19 April 2018SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

We had an overnight cruise on the Violet, what a beautiful boat, the food and service was out of this world, throughout our whole tour of Vietnam the food on the boat was definitely the best. The staff are amazing - I cant think of a better way to have seen the beautiful and stunning scenery than on the Violet, thank you very much for making this an unforgettable part of our travels.

Tracy from Wakefield, United Kingdom

3 Days from 12 to 14 March 2018

Many thanks to the staff of the Violet for a wonderful 3 days on board cruising around Halong Bay. Excursions were good and interesting. Food was excellent, the best we had on our 2 week trip. Comfortable cabin had floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the amazing scenery. The cruise was good but the staff on board made it special.

Tim from Washington DC, USA

Violet Cruise 3 days 2 nights SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022) 20-22 Jan 2018SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)

We were very welcomed into this boat and our guide Ann was wonderful. The trip is just magical. We had a wonderful spacious cabin, big bathroom with jacuzzi tub which was very clean. Big comfy bed and tv with lots of movie choices. Food was excellent and beautifully presented. Only negatives, last day start was a bit early for us and no free water offered with meals. Recommend the 3 day 2 night trip as big surprise cave and pearl farm worth the visit.

Lousie from Birmingham, United Kingdom

Violet cruise 3 days SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)8-10 Jun 2017SPECIAL OFFER (1 JAN - 31 DEC 2022)
Hi Vicky
We are still traveling but we were very pleased with the service, boat, food and above all the service. Excellent experience
Fernando Marfil from USA

Open image

Indochina Sails Cruise 2 days 1 night from 22 to 23 March 2017
Thanks a lot for the excellent services !! The driver of the private car was excellent too as good as the cruise .
Best regards,
Rodrigo Cordoba from Mexico

Package Visit Hanoi – Cruise Halong Bay 5 days from 9 May to 13 May 2017

Hi Giang,
How are you? I am safely back in Malaysia. Thank you very much for organising our trip. The Orchid Cruise was the highlight of our trip, it was very very very excellent! We all loved it. I will definitely recommend Orchid cruises to everyone. The rooms were spacious, and the bathroom had a fantastic view of the bay, the food was good, and the staff and crew were friendly. The cabins were very clean and new too. 5 star luxury cruise at its best!

Sofitel Metropole was marvellous! We all loved our stay there. We used the swimming pool and it was great, there was a lifeguard who saved me from almost drowning! Wish out stay there was longer tho.

Golden Silk Hotel was not as good hotel but it was in a very good location. The rooms were a little old, and it smelled a little musky. It was clean but a bit dated. The spa in the hotel was a bit old. Sometimes the receptionist couldn't really speak good English. But overall it was still okay, not too bad.

Mr.Huy was a very knowledgeable and friendly guide, we loved him, and Mr.Tec the driver was also very polite and gentle. We had a really good 1 day tour of Hanoi and grateful that we got to see many places and Mr.Huy accomodated our request to see the lacquer and embroidery factory. We gave them both a lot of tips as we thought they were excellent. The private van was spacious and clean, and new, we were happy with it. We were impressed that there was even wifi on the van!

Lastly, thank you to you Ms Giang, for your hardwork and also for the gift. I will not hesitate to use TravelVietnam for my future travels and look forward to seeing you in Malaysia someday. Do let me know if you plan to come and I can try and give you some tips. If you visit Australia, let me know too and I can give you a few tips.  Of course, I am no travel agent, so my tips may not be that good but I will try my best.

Kind regards and thank you again,

Anjali from Australia

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